Joy's Commission Information!


Please note that I will only accept payments in USD through PayPal, thank you!

Will Draw

  • Fan Characters

  • Original Characters

  • Humans

  • Anthros

  • Ferals (please ask based on species!)

  • Mild gore (cuts, blood, bruises, etc)

  • Nudity

  • Simple backgrounds

  • Moderately complex backgrounds (I am best with nature scenes, and they are typically simple in form, please keep this in mind.)

Will Not Draw

  • Characters that do not fit with my art style (ex. Manly people, elderly people, possibly babies but please ask!)

  • Imitation (I don't like taking someone else's style and emulating it for paid works.)

  • ANYTHING illegal -- do NOT ask about sexualised art of characters under 18, feral nsfw or lewd,"aged up" redesigns of existing characters in fiction lewd, etc.

  • Most armour

  • Most mecha

If you are unsure, PLEASE ask! I'm more willing to sketch stuff out and determine if it'll work or not, so there's no harm in asking!


By commissioning me, you agree to the following Terms of Service:

  • I have the rights to decline any commission, without having to give reason as to why I am declining.

  • I will not begin work until I have received payment. The only exception to this is if the payment exceeds 200USD. Then, I will accept half upfront, and half after delivery and approval of the final sketch.

  • I will send the client a sketch for approval before continuing with lineart and colouring/shading (if applicable). Once the sketch has been approved, I will only give one free edit before an edit fee is applied on top of the commission cost, UNLESS it is something that I messed up that was clearly defined on your reference.

  • If you want something specific, please inform me before I begin work/before payment is sent. Refunds will not be given if instructions were not given or clear at the beginning.

  • Setting a deadline is fine, but there will be a rush order fee if you need the work completed within 3 days. (My typical delivery time is anywhere between 1-2 weeks. This is on the safe side, in case I have others in the queue before you.)

  • Private commissions are welcomed!

  • I will only take up to 2 commissions from the same person at any given time, EXCLUDING emote work. You can order as many emotes at a time as you would like.

  • I will ONLY accept visual reference. Written is fine if it is WITH pictures and a colour palette, however I cannot promise exact accuracy to what you're wanting.

  • I WILL NOT do any work related to Non-Fungible Tokens or any form of cryptocurrency. If you're found uploading my commissions as NFTs, you will be filed a DMCA and added to my blacklist.


I will only accept payments in USD through PayPal.

  • Send payments through Goods and Services option! Doing otherwise is against PayPal's T.O.S., and I will return the money if it is not sent through this!

  • Be sure to select the No Shipping Address Needed option when sending payment.

  • If you would prefer to be invoiced, please do let me know!

  • Do not try to haggle with my prices, I charge based on a rough estimate of hourly rates. I will give you the total of what your commission would cost before finalising with you and asking for payment.

  • Extra detailed characters or scenes are subject to a higher cost. The prices listed are baseline, and while I will typically keep them around this cost, please be aware that if I know something will take me extra time, it WILL cost a bit extra! (Typically 10-20USD, but could be upwards of 30-40 if you're requesting a detailed background, as an example.)

  • I DO NOT accept payment through anything other than PayPal at this time.


  • I will send a sketch to you before beginning with linework. This is your opportunity to correct any mistakes I may have made, or ask for certain elements to be different. Only minor edits will be done. If you want a whole new pose, there will be an extra charge, as I'll basically have to start from scratch.

  • I will offer one free edit to the final image. Any changes after the first will be subject to a fee of up to $5. The exception to this is if I missed something on the reference provided, or missed a detail from your initial request message.

  • Any additional changed requested AFTER the commission has been approved by the client will be charged extra, up to $10.

Refund Policy

  • If I have not started on your commission, I will give a refund 100% if more than 2 weeks has passed since you have commissioned me.

  • If I have started working on your commission, I will refund at 50%, after 2 weeks has passed.

  • If you need a refund, please talk with me about it! This is flexible depending on the client's situation. I typically will not accept refunds after a few days, but if something urgent has come up, please do let me know.

  • Refunds are NOT available if I have already finished the commission. I have provided a luxury service, and will not refund if I've already put the hours into the work.

Usage of my Works

  • I retain the rights to every image I produce.

  • You MAY NOT use my art as merch or in any way commercially unless you have paid for commercial fees. This fee will be $200 per image that is being used commercially. This does NOT include the use of turning my work into Non-Fungible Tokens. No amount of money can buy that from me.

  • I have the rights to upload commissions to any social media of my choosing, including DeviantArt, Twitter, Discord, etc. If you would like your commission to remain private, please inform me beforehand, or directly after delivery.

  • You may publish my works to whatever sites you would like AS LONG AS credit is given!

  • Twitch emotes can be used on twitch and discord WITHOUT being subject to the $200 fee, HOWEVER, you may not use them on any form of merch unless you have purchased commercial rights from me. Credit for Twitch emotes is not required, however it is very appreciated! If people ask, please direct them my way.

Contact Me

These are the only three sites I use currently, as I do not have the time nor stamina for other social media sites. If you would prefer to contact me through discord, please DM me on Twitter or note me on DeviantArt/Toyhou.se.Alternatively, please fill out the form in the link below, which will automatically be applied to my Trello board !

Commission Info

Now Open!

Processing Time

Your illustration may take up to two months to complete

Progress shots will be sent to you for approval after the sketch, linework, and flat colour stages


Payments are made with paypal only

Complex designs may require an extra fee

All prices shown are the minimum required for purchase. Higher offers will get priority


TypesRegular ShadingComplex Shading
Regular$50+BRIBE ONLY

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TypesFlatsFull Colour

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TypesSketchFlatsFull ColourComplex Shading
Bust$25+$35+$55+BRIBE ONLY
Half Body$55+$90+$125+BRIBE ONLY

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TypesSketchFlatsFull ColourComplex Shading
Pets (per pet)+$10+$15+$20--
Weapons (per weapon)+$15+$20+$25--
Heavy Armour (per character)todiscussuponordering
Background (nature)+$15+$25+$30--
Background (indoors)todiscussuponordering

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Emotes & Sub Badges

Emote sizes: 112x112, 56x56, and 28x28 pixels
Sub Badge sizes: 72x72, 36x36, and 18x18 pixels
Emotes and badges are for Discord, Twitch.tv, and YouTube ONLY. You may NOT make merch of them in any way.

Sub Badges$15$65$135

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A small gallery of work I'm proud of! Please click each image to see the full size.